What is Common in your life? We believe
in inspiring environments, good food,
and good drinks - the kind to help you wake
up and the kind to help you unwind.

We believe in meeting with friends and 
sharing stories and making new friends and
creating more stories. We believe in laughter,

kindness, community, and doing a good
deed every day, big or small.

Hold the door open. Say hello. Drop by.

Stay longer than expected. Make us the
common factor in your week. Whatever you 
do, and however you do it,
be good.


We are here for your lunch meetings, first dates, book clubs, Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Offering exceptional coffee, brilliantly crafted cocktails and seriously good eats. Come check us out. We are a great place to work with complimentary wifi, or an amazing night out to enjoy live music. From a cozy café to fine dining and catering, whatever it may be, we are here to make every experience a good one. Common Good Café & Social House; Downtown Barrie’s purveyors of quality food and beverage.